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Proper Sitting Position Reduce the Risk of Back Pain

The habit of sitting too long or improper posture when sitting can cause various diseases. One of them is back pain. To prevent this from happening, let's look at the correct and good sitting position for health in the following article. The position of the body when sitting puts great pressure on the back muscles, shoulders, neck and spine. If the position of the body when sitting slipped or while bending, then the pressure in these body parts will get stronger. This poor sitting position can be one of the most common causes of back pain. Correct Sitting Position So that the wrong sitting position does not cause back pain and pain in other body parts, try to observe whether your sitting position is correct or not. The following are some correct sitting positions to prevent back pain: 1. Adjust chair height Adjust the height of the chair so that the arms form the letter L and the elbows are next to the body. This position allows the wrists and arms to be straight and parall
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How to Maintain Women's Reproductive Health

Maintaining reproductive health is important for every woman. This can be started from doing simple daily habits. In order to know more about how to maintain women's reproductive health, let's, see the following review. The female reproductive organs consist of the vagina, clitoris, cervix or cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries or ovaries. The female reproductive organs play an important role in sexual relations, egg production and development, menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth. If there are disturbances in these parts, then the female reproductive system may experience interference. This can have an impact on the appearance of sexual disorders so difficult to get pregnant. Tips for Maintaining Women's Reproductive Health Considering the important function of the reproductive organs for women, their health should be maintained properly. Therefore, some of the tips below can be done to maintain women's reproductive health: 1. Clean the intimate organ

This Solution to Overcome Dry Bone Pain After Exercise

Pain in the shins is commonly experienced by those who like to run, dance, play basketball, soccer, tennis, and several other strenuous sports. This condition is generally not serious, but it should still be handled properly so as not to interfere with daily activities. Pain in the shin generally appears along the bone in the front of the foot. This condition is often characterized by several symptoms such as painful leg muscles, appearing pain in the inside of the foot, areas of the shins appear bruised, or the feet experience numbness and feel weak. Causes of Pain in Dry Bones Pain in the shin or shin splints may be caused by inflammation due to injury to the soft tissue in the lower front of the leg. Inflammation and injury can occur if the shin is under too much pressure or if the foot is tread excessively when it touches the ground. This shin pain can be felt when you are doing strenuous activities, such as doing sports that require sudden running and stopping. For example